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Important Notice to all ePipe 2100, 2200 and ServerWare Customers

Stallion Technologies was acquired by device networking manufacturer 'Lantronix' last month. With this acquisition, Lantronix purchased Stallion's multiport serial card and terminal server product families, in addition to the intellectual property associated with these products.

As a result, a new company called ePipe has been spun off from Stallion which focusses purely on enhancing broadband Internet and VPN connections. Click on these links for the relevant press releases -

From 1 October 2002, all future ePipe support and development will be done by ePipe Pty. Ltd. Contact details for the new company are available here.

What does this mean to existing ePipe customers?

ePipe products operating with VPN Access firmware will no longer be able to provide terminal server specific functionality that was available as a feature option within DCS. As of the next firmware release, ePipe will
discontinue the Remote Serial Port (RSP) and RFC2217 functionality within the DCS feature option for ePipe VPN Access Firmware. In addition the DCS feature will no longer provide support for "telnet listeners".

This means that host services such as Truport for UNIX, RFC 2217 compliant COM port redirectors for Windows, svr_tty and svr_print host software for UNIX will no longer be compatible with ePipe products using new VPN Access firmware.

Customers that are using the RSP/RFC2217/Telnet Listener functionality have two options:

  1. Only use ePipe firmware up to version 2.3.1. Firmware version 2.3.1 or earlier will continue to be supported by ePipe, although no modifications to the RSP/RFC2217/Telnet Listener functionality will be made. This includes the ePipe firmware and host software such as Extend, Truport, svr_tty, and svr_print.


  2. Purchase a terminal server such as the EasyServer II which supports "telnet listeners, RSP or RFC 2217"

Customers using ePipe products that support Multilink IP (ML-IP) firmware will not be affected.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact ePipe support with any questions.