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ePipe's range of hardware appliances and software-based concentrators enables any organization to scale bandwidth incrementally to match their data bandwidth requirements, at a fraction of the cost of a high speed connection.

There are two families of ePipe products:

ePipe ML-IP Bonding Solutions

ML-IP is a third generation multilink technology that provides highly reliable, scalable and secure data connectivity between locations over a wide range of connection types. There are two products in the family:

The 2344 enables bonding of up to three broadband connections into a single faster data connection.
The 2344 transparently aggregates multiple xDSL, cable, T-1 or Frame Relay data connections between offices. The 2344 can double or triple performance and reliability of existing VPN solution.

The ML-IP Concentrator is multilink gateway software that resides on a Linux system. The ML-IP Concentrator works in conjunction with the 2344 to enhance the reliability, security and bandwidth of your data network between each of your locations; place ML-IP Concentrator in your head office and ePipe ML-IP appliances in your branches (from anywhere between 2 and 100 locations). Insert ePipe ML-IP Concentrator into existing infrastructure with no changes and use the services that suit your needs at each office location, to build a more affordable, flexible, reliable and secure network.

ePipe ML-IP VPN & Firewall Solutions

The ePipe 2200 series consists of 2 models; the ePipe 2202 and the ePipe 2242. Both are designed for sites that plan to connect to the Internet over broadband connections. In addition, the 2242 allows organizations to very easily migrate from dial-up to broadband connections.

The ePipe 2100 series consists of 3 models; the ePipe 2148, the ePipe 2188 and the ePipe 2181. The 2100 series is designed for sites that plan to access the Internet using PSTN or ISDN connections.

The ePipe ServerWare suite transforms a standard Intel computer into a cost-effective firewall and VPN security gateway, securely connecting up to 500 distributed office networks together.

Click here if you need to activate a feature within your ePipe product. Features include adding the Secure Remote Access, Site to Site VPN and Direct Connection Services to 2000 series units, activating VPN tunnels within ePipe ServerWare and activating ML-IP tunnels within ML-IP Concentrator.

ePipe is powered by ML-IP. Discover more about this ground-breaking technology here.

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