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Accelerating Site to Site Data Communications

ML-IP boosts performance and reliability

Customers with multi-site installations using a variety of wide area networks, such as managed private IP services, Frame Relay (with IP access) or Public Internet VPNs, can boost the performance and reliability of their network by adding Multilink-IP (ML-IP) at each location requiring improved communications.

Use 2,3 or 4 broadband links concurrently between sites

ML-IP is a patent-pending protocol that allows an IP-capable WAN to use 2, 3 or 4 cost-effective xDSL connections (or traditional T-1/E-1 connections) concurrently between branch offices and head office. It works transparently with all xDSL modems, routers, firewalls and VPN gateways.

High availability by spreading links across multiple providers

ML-IP allows multiple broadband connections spanning different ISPs, improving availability. Should an ISP fail, ML-IP falls back to its remaining broadband connections. If there is a network wide carrier outage, ML-IP can fail over to multiple PSTN or ISDN dial backup links. Most solutions that add high link availability have extra broadband links sitting idle until there is an outage. ML-IP uses the bandwidth of all working links all the time.

Operates across a variety of last mile connections

No longer will customers hit the T-1/E-1 bandwidth brick wall or have to put up with s single xDSL connection because the jump to T-3/E-3 is not affordable or available. ML-IP delivers speeds spanning T-1 up to fractional T-3 using multiple low cost broadband or T-1/E-1 links. It requires no special support by the carrier or ISP as it works site-to-site over IP. Your customer can buy extra bandwidth when they need it and can have a variety of last mile connections including T-1, G.Lite ADSL, G.SHDSL, G.DAMT full rate ADSL, cable, etc. as ML-IP operates across any of these and more.

Improve bandwidth between up to 100 locations

ML-IP capable products from ePipe include the 2344 Multilink-IP gateway, which is suited for branch offices and the Multilink-IP Concentrator software for Linux, which is designed to operate on a server computer at the head office. The Concentrator can terminate 10, 50 or 100 branch offices, each with up to four broadband links.

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