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Hardware Networking

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Bandwidth Acceleration Solutions for OEM Partners

An increasing number of partners can benefit from bandwidth acceleration solutions based on Multilink-IP. They can grow their current business substantially because ML-IP accelerates bandwidth through the use of multiple, T1/E1, broadband (xDSL, cable, satellite) or dial-up (modem, ISDN or satellite) links. More than one of these access services can be used at each customer location to create reliable, cost-effective and flexible bandwidth solutions between 3 Mbps to 20 Mbps and between 56Kbps and 256Kbps.

With ML-IP, hardware networking partners can sell more of their network access routers, bridges and VPN products to their installed base as well as attracting new customers. Integrators can create new bandwidth solutions in vertical markets by bundling standard ML-IP devices into their service. Specialist communications developers can embed ML-IP into their own hardware.

  Hardware Networking Partners

ML-IP provides near linear broadband speed increase and higher link availability by aggregating 2, 3 or 4 broadband or dial up connections end-to-end over IP through the Public Internet (VPN), Private IP, Frame Relay, etc. The thirst for more bandwidth seems unquenchable and ML-IP can fill the bandwidth gaps that exist between popular technologies.
Access router (T-1, xDSL, ISDN, etc.), broadband modem and VPN vendors can simply leverage additional sales from the existing installed base of access routers, as ML-IP devices can be easily be added after market to accelerate bandwidth.

  Vertical Communications Integrators

There are a number of communications solutions that have very unique requirements such as satellite and wireless communications for Internet or VPN access. Depending on the provider and the target market, solutions can be broadband (dish) or narrowband (i.e. satellite packet data phones). In any circumstance, ML-IP can accelerate the bandwidth of these and other services the same way it does for T1/E1, xDSL, etc. Whether you are the CPE provider or the infrastructure/service provider, ML-IP can allow you to fulfill the bandwidth requirements of your vertical market with standard products and a minimal infrastructure investment.

  ML-IP Licensees

Need more bandwidth in a small or unusual form factor device? ePipe engineers will work with you to help you to embed ML-IP into your Linux, xBSD or other platform. This will allow you to add greater and more reliable bandwidth to specific devices for remote data collection, point of sale and a wide range of other custom applications.

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