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ePipe Spins Off From Stallion Technologies Following Stallion's Acquisition by Lantronix

New company will focus on Multilink-IP products that address high costs and variable quality of broadband services available to Australian businesses

Sydney, Australia, August 28, 2002--ePipe, an innovative deliverer of Multilink-IP (ML-IP) technology, announced today that it is spinning off from Stallion Technologies, a leading provider of Internet access, remote access, virtual private networking and serial connectivity solutions for small to medium businesses. The move comes as a result of the acquisition of Stallion by Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX), announced in a separate news release today.

Bill Kiely and Tony Merenda, respectively the former CEO and CTO of Stallion Technologies, are founding ePipe to continue production and further development of the ePipe range of appliances. ePipe uses Multilink-IP (ML-IP) technology to 'bond' multiple Internet Protocol connections to provide a single logical connection to the Internet and so allow businesses to overcome the high costs and variable quality of broadband services. (Stallion developed the ML-IP technology under Merenda's guidance and bought it to market via the range of ePipe appliances.)

In discussing the impetus for the new company, Merenda states that a virtual private network (VPN) that uses the Internet offers businesses far greater flexibility and lower costs than point-to-point or managed private connections. However, the dependency on the Internet by many businesses has created some challenges that need to be addressed, such as: a single Internet connection leaving a network vulnerable to a single point of failure; currently available Internet access types restricting bandwidth choices; and securing data across a public network.

"As the ePipe product established itself in the marketplace, it became clear that the business streams had diverged from Stallion's legacy solutions," said Merenda, Managing Director of ePipe. "Separating our ML-IP technology from Stallion's other product lines is the best solution for ePipe and our customers. We wish Stallion the best and expect that Lantronix will enhance the 17 years of customer relationships established by the company."

ePipe will market its products through the same distribution channels as those historically used by Stallion Technologies, in addition to forming alliances with telecommunications vendors and service providers. ePipe is headquartered in Brisbane and will maintain a sales office in the United States. R&D activities for ML-IP are continuing in Brisbane and the ePipe appliances will continue to be manufactured at the existing US facility

With its acquisition of Stallion, Lantronix will assume the EasyConnection, EasyServer II and EasyIO product lines as well as intellectual property that is applicable to Lantronix's existing business. Stallion will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Lantronix, which will maintain the Stallion Web site and provide full technical support for the customers of its product lines.

About ePipe

ePipe is an innovative deliverer of Multilink-IP (ML-IP) technology that addresses single-point-of-failure, bandwidth constrictions, and security challenges with virtual private networks (VPNs). ePipe was established in 2002, and its worldwide headquarters are in Brisbane. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at www.ml-ip.com.

About Stallion Technologies

Stallion Technologies delivers solutions that enable Internet access, remote access, virtual private networking and serial connectivity for small to medium businesses. Stallion's product range includes a variety of network access servers that provide shared Internet access, virtual private networking and remote access, and a range of multi-port serial I/O adapters that deliver high-speed serial connectivity. Stallion's products are used in a range of vertical markets, including healthcare, hospitality, ticketing/vending, retail point of sale, gaming/wagering and factory automation. Stallion has offices in the USA and Australia. For more information, visit Stallion Technologies' Web site at www.stallion.com.

About Lantronix, Inc.

Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network-enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, California. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at www.lantronix.com.

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