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ePipe ServerWare is a complete, integrated platform

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Scalable Bandwidth

Integrated VPN and Security

Flexiblity for Any Environment

Powerful Yet Affordable

ePipe ServerWare

Enterprise-class Multilink IP Concentrator and Security Gateway

The ePipe ServerWare suite transforms a standard Intel computer into a powerful multilink IP access and security gateway, increasing the reliability, security and bandwidth of connections by up to seven times. It allows organizations to securely connect up to 150 distributed office networks together.

ePipe ServerWare enables any organization to scale bandwidth incrementally to match their changing Internet access and networking requirements, at a fraction of the cost of a high speed connection. It also bridges the gap between T1/E1 and T3/E3 services by bonding multiple DSL or T-1 connections into one faster connection, independent of the provider infrastructure.

Scalable Bandwidth with Backup

ePipe ServerWare load balances Internet traffic and provides scalable data bandwidth between locations across multiple analog, ISDN, wireless, T-1, Frame Relay or ADSL links. This provides incremental bandwidth management over a range of connection and network types, removing the cost barrier of dedicated high-speed data services.

By supporting simultaneous links to multiple providers, ePipe ServerWare keeps you connected in the event of service failure. This provides an effective fall back to secondary connections or automatic failover to multiple ISDN or modem connections when the primary high-speed service fails.

Integrated VPN and Security Services

ePipe ServerWare’s comprehensive approach eliminates the risks, costs and complexities associated with running a discrete firewall, VPN server and operating system. ePipe ServerWare comes pre-hardened, locked down to eliminate the security holes that exist in most operating systems.

Instead of introducing a mishmash of complex, disparate services, ePipe ServerWare integrates many services within a single, integrated comprehensive solution. This unified approach lets you concentrate on delivering content, not wrestling with configurations. Secure Remote Access (SRA) lets your mobile workers access central site resources through the Internet. Site to Site VPN (SSV) allows branch offices to securely access the central site. Direct Connection Services (DCS) offers direct dial access.

A packet-filtering firewall controls traffic flow into and out of the network, isolating untrusted Internet connections so they cannot access the private network. Network Address Translation (NAT) hides your network from those on the Internet. Separate, isolated LAN segments (DMZ) can be established for hosting Web, email and e-commerce services, controlling access to these services from both the Internet and internal users.

Flexibility to Suit Any Environment

Because it runs on a standard Intel computer, ePipe ServerWare easily adapts to your growing needs. Use ‘off the shelf’ hardware components to quickly expand resources and increase performance. ePipe ServerWare supports up to 8 Ethernet segments that can be arbitrarily assigned between the private network, a DMZ, an access router and multiple xDSL modems or T1 routers.

Powerful Yet Affordable

Unlike other solutions that limit the number of connections based on the number of individual users, ePipe ServerWare connections are licensed by site. This enables all users on every LAN segment at each site to securely access all other sites (10, 50 or 150). By increasing the number of users on the LAN, you can add more users to the network without purchasing additional licensing. No network concentrator / security firewall is more cost effective than ePipe ServerWare.

Click here if you need to activate VPN tunnels within your ePipe ServerWare.

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