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2200 Series Multi-access VPN and Security Gateway

The 2200 series is a complete family of multi-access Internet security gateways for small to medium sized businesses. It provides shared Internet access for the entire office and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to securely connect multiple sites and mobile workers. ePipe delivers all of this, without the costly infrastructure and call charges of traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs). The 2200 series allows your LAN to enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access over broadband or a dedicated leased-line.

The 2200 is available in two models:

2202 backplate
The 2202 provides 2 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, providing direct connection to cable or DSL modems for broadband Internet and VPN access.

2242 backplate
The 2242 provides 4 serial ports and two 10BaseT Ethernet ports. This multi-access format allows organizations to seamlessly migrate from dial-up to broadband Internet connections at any time. The 4 serial ports provide scalable Internet and VPN access over PSTN or ISDN connections and add a fall-back mechanism in the event that DSL services are unavailable. The second Ethernet port can also be used to create an isolated LAN segment (DMZ) for the secure internal hosting of Web and email servers.

See the 2200 series datasheet (html) or the 2200 series datasheet (310K pdf) for further information on the ePipe 2200 series. See the ePipe 2100 series for scalable bandwidth Internet and VPN access using PSTN/ISDN Internet connections.

Click here if you need to obtain an activation key to enable a feature set within your ePipe 2200 unit.

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