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Complete Bandwidth Management

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A Faster, Flexible Connection

A More Secure Connection

A More Reliable Network

Faster Internet Access

Scenario 1: Site-Site VPN

Scenario 2: ISPs

Scenario 3: ASPs

sphere image, 17KML-IP Concentrator

Multi-link IP access concentrator for Linux®

enhance the reliability, security and speed of connections

The ePipe ML-IP Concentrator is multilink gateway software that resides on a Linux system. ePipe ML-IP Concentrator works in conjunction with ePipe ML-IP appliances to enhance the reliability, security and bandwidth of your data network between each of your locations; place ePipe ML-IP Concentrator in your head office and ePipe ML-IP appliances in your branches (from anywhere between 2 and 100 locations). Insert ePipe ML-IP Concentrator into existing infrastructure with no changes and use the services that suit your needs at each office location, to build a more affordable, flexible, reliable and secure network.

A faster, more flexible connection

ePipe ML-IP Concentrator enables you to increase bandwidth to match your rapidly increasing networking needs, on demand. Simply add extra low-cost connections as needed at each location to achieve virtual high speed links at a fraction of the cost of single high speed connections. ePipe lets you build the bandwidth you need by aggregating up to 4 xDSL, Cable, T1 or Frame Relay connections (as well as an additional 4 PSTN or ISDN failover connections) into one faster connection. ePipe achieves this transparently, without intervention by service providers.

ePipe can aggregate connections through any IP- enabled network, including private IP networks, public IP networks (Internet), Frame Relay or ATM. This allows multi-site organizations to enjoy scalable broadband data services at every site today, regardless of the services that are locally available.

a more secure connection

ePipe ML-IP Concentrator is fully compatible with your existing security solution. In addition, ePipe’s ML-IP software enhances the security of your connections, by fragmenting packets across multiple links (and even multiple networks, if you wish).

Separate, isolated LAN segments (DMZ) can be established for hosting Web, email and e-commerce services, controlling access to these services from both the Internet and internal users.

a more reliable network

ePipe ML-IP Concentrator’s advanced link management gives you peace of mind that your network will keep transferring data, even if a link or provider service fails. ePipe aggregates multiple connections, instead of risking each location to a single fast connection. Because ePipe ML-IP Concentrator utilizes all the circuits available, you enjoy all the bandwidth you purchase, instead of wasting money on redundant circuits that are idle most of the time.

ePipe is provider transparent, allowing you to simultaneously network through multiple service providers and be protected in the event of a provider-wide failure. Even if you lose all broadband services, ePipe automatically switches to multiple backup PSTN or ISDN connections, giving you a bullet-proof network.

faster Internet access

ePipe ML-IP Concentrator also load balances Internet traffic (outbound requests) across multiple connections. It balances http, images, streaming audio, video, email, ftp and other Internet session traffic across all available connections. This enables everyone in the organization to enjoy faster Internet access.

ML-IP site to site diagram, 27KScenario 1: Site to Site IP VPN

A fully bonded high bandwidth solution between customer sites:

ML-IP ISP diagram, 21KScenario 2: Internet Service Providers

A fully bonded high bandwidth solution from ISP to customer site:

ML-IP ASP diagram, 23KScenario 3: Application Service Providers

A fully bonded solution from ASP to customer site:

Click here if you need to active ML-IP tunnels within your ML-IP Concentrator.

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