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The last mile represents the ultimate hurdle in bridging today's advanced business networks with the Internet. ePipe is the leader in ML-IP technology, which multiplies bandwidth, improves reliability, and, increases security for VPN and Internet applications. In 2002 ePipe launched both the 2344 and ML-IP Concentrator, the first (and only) products to cost effectively bond DSL connections independent of provider networks.

Although ePipe as a company may be a start up, its products, people and technology have been together for years, with field-tested and proven reliability in a wide range of industries. ePipe is a spin off of Stallion Technologies and is focussed on the development, support and marketing of products that optimize Internet based communications (see ePipe Spins off From Stallion Technologies for further information).

ePipe is a leader in bandwidth scaling and management solutions and is the pioneer of Multilink IP (ML-IP) technology, which improves the reliability, scalability and security of data connections between locations. ePipe's solutions provide link aggregation as well as broadband link fallback (to fewer links) and auto failover (to multiple bonded dial-up links). Applications include Multi-site WAN (IP-VPN, Frame Relay or Public Internet) and Internet access services. ePipe has offices in Australia and USA. Click here for a detailed information regarding ePipe's regional offices and ePipe's global distributors.

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