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Need to Multiply Your Bandwidth?

ePipe appliance, 9KePipe multiplies the speed and reliability of your Internet access

The ePipe range of intelligent multilink access devices sit between your existing infrastructure and the transport network to affordably mutliply the speed and reliability of your Internet access.

Rather than limiting you to expensive, ill-fitting or inefficient services, ePipe puts you in the driver’s seat. It lets you use the data communication solution of your choice and the Internet Service Provider of your choice, and utilizes commonly available equipment and services. This makes it far more affordable than alternative methods of improving Internet access speeds.

The ePipe family includes both hardware devices and a software products, designed to meet the needs of any sized organization.

faster  image, 8Kfaster, more flexible Internet access

ePipe lets you increase bandwidth to match your rapidly increasing Internet access needs, on demand. Simply add extra low-cost connections as needed to achieve a high speed link at a fraction of the cost of a single high speed connection. ePipe lets you build the bandwidth you need by load balancing multiple xDSL, Cable, T1, Frame Relay, PSTN, or ISDN connections into one faster connection. ePipe achieves this transparently, without intervention by service providers.

More bandwidth for faster email, faster ftp transfers, faster Web browing, allowing more people in your organisation to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. ePipe's ML-IP technology load balances email, http, ftp, images, streaming audio and video, ftp and other Internet traffic over all available links, giving you the fastest possible Internet access.

bollard image, 9KInternet access that you can rely on

ePipe keeps your Internet access alive, even if a link or network service fails. Instead of exposing all your Internet access to a single fast connection, ePipe shares the risk across two or more links. If a link fails, your connection with the world remains intact, with data continuing to flow over remaining links. Because ePipe utilizes all available circuits, you enjoy all the bandwidth you purchase, instead of wasting money on redundant circuits that are mostly idle.

ePipe is provider transparent, so you can access the Internet through two or more service providers and be protected in the event of a provider-wide failure. Even if an entire service fails, ePipe automatically switches to multiple backup PSTN or ISDN connections, giving you a bullet-proof network.

affordable image, 13Kaffordable Internet access beyond ADSL

ePipe doesn't make fast Internet access prohibitively expensive. It simply builds on the same, low-cost components you are using today, like ADSL, Cable or dial-up connections. You don't waste money on bandwidth you don't need just to get faster access. ePipe is also fully compatible with your existing security suite, so there's no extra configuration or exposure to security holes.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, ePipe’s optional packet-filtering firewall isolates untrusted Internet connections from your network. Separate, isolated LAN segments (DMZ) can be established for hosting Web, email and e-commerce services, controlling access to these services from both the Internet and internal users.


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