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ePipe's Complete Multilink IP Solution Gives Service Providers and Multi-office Organizations More Bandwidth Options

Businesses and ISPs gain low-cost alternative to High Speed Data Services

Brisbane, 11 October 2002 — Bandwidth aggregation specialist, ePipe, has released Multilink IP (ML-IP) Concentrator software for Linux. When used in conjunction with the recently released ePipe 2344 intelligent Multilink IP (ML-IP) appliance, the ML-IP Concentrator allows multi-site organizations to deploy highly scalable bandwidth with active redundancy to every office. It also gives service providers the benefits of bandwidth aggregation and increased reliability as they battle for corporate market share.

ML-IP Concentrator is designed to work in tandem with the ePipe 2344. For example, an enterprise installs the Concentrator in its head office premises, and deploys ePipe 2344 units in up to 100 branch offices – with each ePipe 2344 aggregating up to three broadband connections to a total of 5 Mbits/sec.

Alternatively, service providers can deploy ML-IP Concentrator in POPs and ePipe 2344 units in their customers' premises, enabling them to offer two to three times the bandwidth of xDSL for a proportional increase in charges. Because ML-IP operates over xDSL, cable or leased lines, it can be delivered to the widest possible audience. This compares very favourably with alternative high-bandwidth products, which are financially unfeasible for most organizations and are often not available outside the CBD.

By deploying an ML-IP based solution, service providers can deliver 'private line' speeds to customers without investing in major infrastructure. This expands the revenue opportunities available to providers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

"The digital revolution has led to a sudden and massive increase in the bandwidth needs of a gamut of industries," commented Tony Merenda, ePipe's Chief Technical Officer. "Everything from print-ready PDF files to digital X-rays need transferring between locations – these files can be tens of megabytes, and companies are dealing with several each day. ML-IP Concentrator offers a real solution for these organizations, and the providers servicing them today," he added.

ML-IP Concentrator offers what ePipe describes as 'active redundancy'. These are not passive redundant links, but active links that offer businesses high resiliency. If one link fails, the others continue carrying data. "Despite the increasing stability of ADSL, reliability is still a major issue for the corporate sector, and ML-IP Concentrator resolves it intrinsically," Merenda said.

ML-IP Concentrator is available in 10-, 50- and 100-tunnel licenses. Each tunnel terminates up to three broadband connections from an ePipe 2344 appliance. Although the ML-IP Concentrator is designed to terminate Multilink IP tunnels established by ePipe 2344 devices, the 10-tunnel license can also be embedded in a Linux PC. This allows corporate offices or service providers' customers to aggregate up to four broadband connections at a site, for bandwidth in 10-20 Mbit range at a fraction of the cost of equivalent solutions from the leading telcos.

The 10-tunnel license is also available as fully operational 30-day free evaluation software, which ePipe has made available to service providers so they can demonstrate the advantages of an ML-IP-based solution to their corporate customers.

ML-IP Concentrator is compatible with and transparent to all available firewall and VPN solutions. ePipe ML-IP Concentrator operates on Red Hat Linux and is immediately available. Contact ePipe for pricing details.


About ePipe

ePipe is a leader in end-provisioned bandwidth scaling and management solutions and is the pioneer of Multilink IP (ML-IP) technology. ML-IP is a third generation multilink technology that provides highly reliable, scalable and secure data connectivity between locations over a wide range of connection types. ePipe's solutions provide link aggregation as well as broadband link fallback.

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