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About ePipe

ePipe 2344 Delivers Affordable Broadband Access to Every Organization Today

ML-IP allows bandwidth scaling over any network service

Brisbane, Australia - 25 June 2002 - bandwidth aggregation specialist ePipe Pty Ltd has announced the release of the 2344 intelligent Multilink IP (ML-IP) appliance. The 2344 is the first product to showcase ePipe's ML-IP technology, which greatly reduces the cost and increases the reliability and speed of data networks through the bonding of multiple broadband connections between office locations. ML-IP also offers load balancing of Internet traffic.

The 2344 features four Ethernet interfaces and four serial interfaces. Three of the Ethernet interfaces can be used to aggregate multiple xDSL, Cable, T-1 or Frame Relay data connections between offices. In addition, the four serial connections can be used to provide broadband fail-over in the event of link or service failure, by aggregating multiple ISDN or PSTN connections.

The 2344 is designed to sit between an organization's existing infrastructure and the transport network and is fully compatible with all firewall and VPN security solutions. The 2344 further enhances data security by fragmenting packets across multiple links.

A key advantage of the 2344 and its underlying technology is the ability to bundle multiple connections together to boost bandwidth and availability, regardless of the connection type or the intervening network service. This infrastructure independence enables the delivery of affordable broadband access to the last mile. The 2344 is not reliant on any carrier protocols but is complementary to them.

"The 2344 meets the bandwidth availability and performance needs of a very wide range of customers," stated ePipe Chief Technology Officer, Mr Tony Merenda. "It allows any organization with more than one location to deliver affordable and reliable broadband services to every site today - regardless of the services that are locally available," he added.

ePipe believes the ePipe 2344 is the first product on the market that transparently aggregates multiple xDSL, cable, T-1 or Frame Relay data connections between offices. ePipe sees the product bridging the large bandwidth gaps that exist in the services offered by major telcos, as well as delivering a compelling solution to any real or perceived shortcomings in the reliability of broadband services in Australia.

"Businesses are very wary of most private lines because they are offered at a price premium, which offsets any bandwidth advantage," Merenda stated. "They also require special provisioning by the service provider and are limited to a single service. In contrast, customers can connect ePipe 2344 to any DSL modem or router from Cisco, Alcatel or Nokia, and create an instant broadband tunnel between their offices, or to the Internet, at two or three times the speed of their existing broadband access" he added.

Businesses can use this broadband tunnel to double or triple the performance and reliability of an existing VPN solution (or private IP VPN or Frame Relay service). They can use it to double or treble the bandwidth and reliability of their Internet access. ePipe 2344 is totally transparent to any service provider and is fully compatible with all VPN products on the market.

As well as appealing to a wide range of organisations with multiple sites, ePipe is actively targeting service providers with a solution that enables them to deliver 'private line' speeds without investing in major infrastructure. This expands the revenue opportunities available to providers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This is achieved by installing an ePipe 2344 at the customer premises and its companion, the ML-IP Concentrator for Linux at the service provider. Partners can then offer ML-IP broadband services that scale up to three ADSL connections to a wide range of businesses. Merenda believes this combination will attract service providers because of the simplicity of provisioning and its interoperability with any DSL modem, router or subscriber management system.

The 2344 is immediately available.


About ePipe

ePipe is a leader in bandwidth scaling and management solutions and is the pioneer of Multilink IP (ML-IP) technology, which improves the reliability, scalability and security of data connections between locations. ePipe's solutions provide link aggregation as well as broadband link fallback (to fewer links) and auto failover (to multiple bonded dial-up links). Applications include Multi-site WAN (IP-VPN, Frame Relay or Public Internet) and Internet access services. ePipe is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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